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Not everyone is suited for a life of crime. Some of us avoid it because we realize that it would be wrong to engage in illegal activities. Others prefer not to risk the consequences of getting caught. And then there is another special group—people who attempt a life of crime but really shouldn’t because they are just plain bad at it.



5.Deaf Robber Can’t Hear Alarm




In August 1995, Klaus Schmidt tried to rob a bank in Berlin by walking in with a pistol and demanding money. At one point, one of the bank employees asked the robber if he needed a bag, and he replied, “You’re damn right it’s a real gun!” This made them realize that Schmidt was deaf. Taking advantage, one employee set off the alarm. Schmidt remained oblivious.

1995年8月,Klaus Schmidt携带手枪走进柏林一家银行企图抢劫。其间一名银行职员问劫匪是否需要一个袋子,后者回答道,“你说对了,这是把真枪!”职员们由此意识到Schmidt是个聋子。一名职员趁机按响了警报,Schmidt却毫不知情。


4.Free Beer Catches 19 Criminals




In 2011, Derbyshire police used a strategy by offering wanted criminals free beer. The men received notices through undercover officers informing them that they’d won a crate of beer each. To collect, they needed to contact the company that ran the promotion. Nineteen fugitives called the assigned number, setting up a time and place to collect their winnings. Tragically, there was no free beer when they turned up—just police officers ready to take them into custody.



3. Robber Gives Cashier His Phone Number




In 2008, 18-year-old Ruben Zarate wanted to rob a muffler shop in Chicago. But there was a problem—most of the money was in the safe, only the manager could open it, and the manager wasn’t in. Ruben decided that he would try again later. To save himself some time, he left his cell phone number with the store employees. That way, they could call him when the manager returned. 

2008年,18岁的Ruben Zarate试图抢劫一家芝加哥的消音器商店。然而他遇到了一个问题——大部分的现金都在保险柜里,只有经理可以打开保险柜,然而当时经理不在店里。Ruben决定他稍后再来抢劫一次。为了给自己节省一点时间,他把自己的手机号码留给了店里的职员。这样,当经理回来后,他们就可以电话通知他了。


2. Robber Leaves Birth Certificate And Note From Mom




Zarate broke a basic rule for any crook: Leave nothing behind that can identify you. The man stole a wallet containing $40 in cash and the victim’s ID. However, during the struggle, he dropped two bags of his own. On the very top of one of them was his birth certificate. As if that weren’t enough, the bag also contained a letter from the robber’s mother addressed to him.



1.The Worst Disguise Ever



The disguise chosen by Dennis Hawkins, a 48-year-old Pittsburgh man who decided to rob a bank consisted of a woman’s blonde wig, a pair of fake breasts, and clown pants. The first problem was that the get-up revealed his face, which was captured on CCTV surveillance. You might guess that Mr. Hawkins wanted to fool people into thinking he was a woman. In that case, he should have considered getting rid of his mustache and goatee.

一位名叫Dennis Hawkins的48岁男性企图抢劫一家匹兹堡银行,他的伪装包括女士的金色假发,一对假乳,还有小丑裤。不过他的伪装存在两个问题,第一是他的伪装不包括面部,以至于监视摄像头拍摄下了他的脸。第二个问题是,人们可能猜得到他想要让人们误以为自己是一名女子,然而他却忘了刮干净自己的络腮胡和山羊须。


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