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这位25岁的少年就这样成功引起了西方媒体的注意。《好莱坞报道》( The Hollywood Reporter)甚至专门写了一篇报道介绍他,把鹿晗称为“中国的贾斯汀·比伯”( “Chinas answer to Justin Bieber”)。注:这里的answer指在实力、地位等影响方面相当的人。



Disney revealed that Han had been named the "official ambassador" for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in China. This uncommon title comes with obvious weight: The pic is all but certain to be the biggest international movie of 2016, and Chinais now the worlds second-largest movie market.


In his capacity as Star Wars "ambassador," according to Disney, Han will serve as an honorary member of the "Jedi Order" in China, appearing in local advertising spots and at promotional events, while a special remix and music video for his forthcoming single "The Inner Force" will be the official Chinese promotional theme song for Force Awakens.


《星球大战-原力觉醒》原力宣传片 鹿晗化身绝地武士

Han is also putting his personal brand to work on behalf of DreamWorks Animation. He released "Deep," a music video promoting Kung Fu Panda 3, the much-anticipated U.S.-China co-production from the Oriental DreamWorks joint venture. The video, in Mandarin and English, was directed by Raman Hui, the filmmaker behind Monster Hunt, which became the highest-grossing pic ever in China over the summer.

同时,作为梦工厂动画公司的代言人,鹿晗正在充分发挥他的个人品牌作用。备受期待的《功夫熊猫3》是一部中美合拍片,由中美合资企业上海东方梦工厂影业负责制作。鹿晗为该片推出了中英文歌曲MV《海底》。该 MV由电影导演许诚毅操刀。许导的《捉妖记》是今年暑期中国最卖座的电影。

Next, Han will appear opposite Matt Damon and Willem Defoe in director Zhang Yimous period epic The Great Wall, from Thomas Tulls Legendary Pictures — arguably the second most-anticipated U.S.-China collaboration of 2016 behind the Kung Fu Panda sequel.



So, who is this Chinese pop phenom, and why are so many Hollywood heavyweights banking on him?


Thank to his boyish looks, messy mop of hair and legions of young female fans spanning Asia, Han has often been described as the Chinese answer to Justin Bieber. Born and raised in Beijing, he pursued university studies abroad in South Korea, where he was scouted to become a founding member of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO.


In October 2014, Han broke from the group and began a solo career, as well as a transition into film acting, starring in 20 Once Again and The Witness. Both films became sizable hits in China over the summer (20 Once Again grossed just under $60 million; The Witness opened to $17.8 million, topping Ant-Man in its second week).


Perhaps more valuable to Disney and DreamWorks, Han has cultivated an influential celebrity brand on Chinese social media. He counts nearly 12 million followers on Weibo and holds the Guinness World Record for most comments on a single Weibo post (the tweet in question concerned British soccer club Manchester United, also wildly popular in China). His post announcing his Star Wars gig — "I am honored to be the Star Wars ambassador to China. May the Force be with you!" — has been retweeted some 1.5 million times.


Hans appeal among young female filmgoers may also have been a decisive factor for Disney, as young Chinese women have emerged as an increasingly vital demographic for movie marketers there.


"As a popular young idol, Lu Han is a good fit for our promotional approach for Star Wars," John Hsu, Disneys vp and general manager in China, said (translated from Chinese). "Hes also a Star Wars super fan himself. I believe he will do a great job at raising the Chinese audiences anticipation and enthusiasm for The Force Awakens."


Give it a few years, and Justin Bieber may come to be known as the U.S. answer to Lu Han.



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