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7 Simple Ways To Celebrate A Traditional Christmas

The holidays are a time for embracing tradition. No matter what that means for your family and friends, here are some tips for celebrating a truly traditional Christmas.


1.Serve Home-Grown Food

A thoughtful way to make your holiday dinner table more traditional is to serve a few homegrown foods. If you have done some canning or freezing this year, made homemade jams or jellies, or grown various types of vegetables, now is the time to serve them up at your Christmas dinner. Or, if you have hunted and can provide meat for the table, this is a good time to enjoy it with your friends and family.



2.Do Some Baking

Many people think of the holidays as a time to relax, eat and drink well, and enjoy the satisfaction of a few delicacies [delɪkəsɪz] in the sweets department. You can get creative with the types of things you bake, such as cookies, pies, cakes, or candy. Do an online search for old-fashioned treats and see what you can come up with that might surprise and delight your dinner and house guests.



3.Help Those In Need

One holiday tradition is to make a little time to do something special for someone who needs a little extra help. Find an elderly person in your neighborhood and ask them what they need. Perhaps you can drive them to the store, or do some shopping for them. Ask your friends and family if they know anyone who could use some kind of help. Donate food to your local foodbank. Take the time to care about someone you dont know, and give your time to helping them. If you can make someone else a little happier, you will make their holiday better.


假期传统之三就是腾出一点儿时间为某个需要一 点儿额外帮助的人做些特别的事情。找到附近的老人,问问他们需要什么。或许你可以开车送他们去商店,或是为他们购物。问问你的家人朋友他们是否知道有需要帮助的人。捐赠食物给你当地的慈善机构。花时间关心一下你不认识的人,帮助他们。如果你能让别人更加快乐,那你就能够让他们的假日过的更好。

4.Make Home-Crafted Gifts

Spend some extra time this year planning a way to make something original for your family members. Consider all the many types of crafts you can work on that other people would enjoy. You could make some great handmade ornaments for the tree. Create a picture, make an afghan, crochet [kroʊˈʃeɪ] a scarf, or sew [soʊ] some pillow covers. Depending on how much time you have, set aside a little time for crafting. You can actually make all your Christmas gifts by hand, if you have a few good ideas. Some crafts require very little time to complete and most people love homemade gifts.



5.Avoid The Rush

Instead of running around and facing all the crowded stores and last-minute shoppers, start your planning early. Dont wait until 2 days before Christmas to get what you need. If you decide on gifts several weeks before the holiday, you will be more likely to sit back and enjoy the festivities when the time comes. You will also be more relaxed around your friends and family if you are better prepared for family gathering. Last-minute shopping only serves to create stress and wear people out.


要尽早开始你的计划。不要等到圣诞节前两天才去购买你所需要的东西。如果你能在假期前几周购买礼品, 那你可能会更加轻松,能比别人更好地享受假期时光。如果你能为家庭聚会做更万全的准备,那你还能在你朋友和家人面前更加自如。最后时间才购物只会让你更紧张、更疲惫。

6.Schedule Relaxation

No matter how busy you are, it is a good idea to plan on setting time aside just to relax. You could schedule a massage [məˈsɑ:ʒ] on the weekend, or start going to a yoga class. Check out the spa at your nearest health club. Try using some aromatherapy [əˌroʊməˈθerəpi] products, or some of the specialty items like nature alarm clocks or tabletop water fountains [ˈfauntinz] that can help you relax because of the soothing sounds they make. You may even think about getting some stress-relief products for someone you know.



7.Decorate Like The Old Days

You can do research on the internet about the types of traditional styles of holiday decor [deɪˈkɔ:r] that date back hundreds of years. Then, you can find ways to re-create olden-day decor in your living room this year. From wall hangings to table decor, you can find some unique ideas to dress up your home that you can probably make yourself. With the popularity of the DIY trend in home decorating, you should be able to find numerous ideas online or at your nearest craft store to help you create an old-fashioned look.



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