【百科趣闻】The origin of the Christmas Eve—由来、习俗及歌曲
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  The origin of the Christmas Eve

  Christmas Eve is also common says Christmas Eve and the family reunion, in the sitting room, will be around the tree to sing Christmas carols and exchange gifts, and share the joys and sorrows of a life, express the wish and love. In that night will see a group of lovely little boy or girl, hand, playing a guitar, a poem of singing poems, a good tidings. Whats this festival is news of how come?


  Jesus was born at a night in the wilderness, a flock of shepherds, suddenly guard heard a voice from heaven came to Jesus was born, they reported the news. According to the bible, Jesus came to the king of the world, therefore make the angel and through these shepherds message more people know.


  Later, people will follow the angels, on the eve of Christmas night BaoRen everywhere preaching Jesus was born, until today, Christmas caroling has become the indispensable one program.


  Usually caroling team is made up about twenty young, plus a ready dressed as an angel of the little girl and a Santa Claus. In peace is about nine night after the start of a good tidings to. Whenever I go to a family news team, first will sing a few songs of Christmas, and then read the bible by the little girl GaiHu let people know the words of Jesus birth day is tonight, after prayer to sing together two poem, again by generous Santa send Christmas gifts to the families of the sons of small hall, the whole process of caroling is finished!



  The custom of Christmas eve

  1, Christmas Eve is also regarded as a short day


  In the UK, as in the days of work, and sometimes by banks and trading companies as a short day (afternoon rest).


  2, the Catholic Christmas season in Christmas Eve


  The Catholic Christmas season begins in Christmas eve. Unless it was Sunday. A party is said to be in the morning of December 24th. However, it is not permitted to attend a Christmas party before midnight.


  3, Christians will participate in the midnight mass on Christmas Eve or party



  Traditionally, many Christians will participate in the Christmas Eve midnight mass or gatherings, usually held in churches all over the world, to indicate the beginning of the Christmas day. Some churches will be held in the evening before the candlelight worship, usually there will be the birth of the story of the drama of Jesus, also will enjoy a big meal, usually a turkey or ham as the main course. Germanys traditional dishes are braised crucian carp.


  4, giving apple



  In the Chinese people will in Christmas Eve give Apple and Apples "apple" with peace "flat", homophones, therefore, on Christmas Eve to eat the apple also imply meaning of "peace".


  5, held a spectacular masquerade, all night long to celebrate Christmas Eve is a happy, peaceful, Carnival of Christmas Eve, reunion night.


  6, family reunion



  The people of Europe and the United States thousands on thousands of home reunion be fatigued with the journey. Christmas Eve is essential for party or party. Most European and American family reunion at home, ate dinner, and then sitting beside a burning stove, singing and guitar playing, to renew their grandchildren.


  7, a colorful socks hung on the bed


  It is said that Christmas Eve night, Christmas husband guild driving a reindeer sled loaded with gifts ready to send some of this year to show very good little friend, he will quietly climbed into the house from the chimney, the gift stuffed in the bed socks. So, the children will always be the strips of colour profusion stockings at the head of a bed, and socks next to put a cup of hot milk to quench their thirst toiled Santa Claus, and send gift to yourself.


  8, the exchange of gifts, caroling



  Christmas Eve. That night, the whole family will reunion in the sitting room, around beside the Christmas tree to sing Christmas songs, exchange gifts, share with each other the joys and sorrows of life for a year, the inner expression of love and blessing. In the evening will see a group of cute little boy or girl, playing guitar in hand poetry, a singing poetry of good tidings.


                    平安夜歌曲——《平安夜》Silent night

  Silent night, holy night

  All is calm, all is bright

  Round yon Virgin Mother and Child

  Holy Infant so tender and mildSleep in heavenly peace

  Sleep in heavenly peace

  Sleep in heavenly peace

  Silent night, holy night!

  Shepherds quake at the sight

  Glories stream from heaven afar

  Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia!

  Christ, the Saviour is born

  Christ, the Saviour is born

  Silent night, holy night

  Son of God, loves pure light

  Radiant beams from Thy holy face

  With the dawn of redeeming grace

  Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth

  Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth



















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“平安夜”真是个糟透了的翻译法...原文分明是“静谧之夜”的意思。本来是无“安”无“平”的。 :(

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