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Which Comes First: Cardio or Strength Training?




How many times have you gone to the gym and asked yourself, "Which should I do first: cardio or strength training?" The answer depends on whom you ask.


A recent study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise suggests that the order in which you do various exercises matters to your body and mind. The study also found that performing cardio exercises ( running, cycling, swimming or jumping rope, for instance) before strength training (think weightlifting or resistance exercise) appears to be most beneficial.


While the findings from this type of research are valuable, they’re not the be-all and end-all. Sometimes it makes more sense to start with cardio and other times you’re better off hitting the weights first, when you’re well-rested and fresh. Here are several scenarios that can help you determine how to sequence your exercise:


Strength train first if: You engage in cardio exercise four to five days a week and also lift weights on two of those days. Beginning with strength training (after a warm up) and finishing with a moderate cardio workout will help you make the most of your limited strength training sessions. The two workout days when you skip the weights can be saved for high-intensity cardio workouts.


Do cardio first if: You have a relatively easy strength training session planned. No matter how hard you push during your cardio, you probably won’t significantly compromise your lower-intensity lifting.


Do cardio, then strength train, then cardio again if: You like to switch up your routine and cardio is your primary focus. Start your workout with 20 minutes of cardio, then strength train, then finish with 20 more minutes of cardio.


Strength train, then do cardio, then strength train again if: Improving total body muscle fitness is your major goal. Start with lower body strength exercises, then do 30 minutes of cardio and finish off with your upper body strength routine.


Choosing the Right Sequence for You


You may go through phases in your training when developing your cardio fitness is more important to you than developing strength, or vice versa. During those phases, I recommend starting each workout with the activity that is your priority in order to achieve optimal results.


By mixing up the workout approach -- cardio first on some days, strength training first on other days, cardio and strength on separate days, and even two separate workouts in one day -- you can reap many health and fitness benefits.


The added variety can also provide a much needed mental and physical break. Changing the timing and order of the exercises in a workout program is yet another way to keep workouts fresh, eliminate boredom, avoid training plateaus and achieve maximum results. Ultimately, what matters most is that you consistently perform both cardio and strength training -- in any order, on any days, at any time -- and progressively challenge yourself to improve your overall fitness.


Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., FACSM, is the chief science officer at the American Council on Exercise,where he is a national and international lecturer, writer and subject-matter expert. Dr. Bryant is also a member of the Institute of Medicine’s Round table on Obesity Solutions and serves as vice chair of the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance’s Physical Activity Working Group. He has participated in the Aspen Institute’s Project Play Summit and served on the National Physical Activity Plan’s Health Care Sector Expert Panel. Dr. Bryant helps to advance ACE’s mission and impact by staying at the forefront of applied physiological research, exercise training methods, and health and fitness trends.


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