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Lovers of Tron: Legacy wont believe their eyes whenthey take a look at the Icehotel in Sweden. This isone hotel stay you wouldnt forget, as it is set 200kmin the Arctic Circle, and the room is made out of ICE!You can step inside the Sci-Fi fantasy, as the Legacyof the River rooms use of light really brings themovie to life, and the futuristic design is simplyunforgettable.


This is unlike your run-of-the-mill hotels, as the hotel itself is created from 21,500 tons of snowand 900 tons of ice.




Experience the wonder of Alice in Wonderland at Wonderland House in Brighton. You can enjoya comfortable night stay in the Queen of Hearts Bedroom, or even feel just like the maincharacter in Alices bedroom. Offering all the whimsy from the Lewis Carroll novel, and all thefun of the movie and animation, you cannot help but fall in love with this amazing hotel inEngland.




Frozen is one of the most successful animation movies of all time, with adults and childrenacross the world signing the hit soundtrack Let It Go. Fans everywhere will fall in love withHotel De Glaces Frozen Suite. Its simply stunning and is therefore ideal for both young andold, as they will feel just like Elsa in this breathtaking hotel in Quebec. You can even take a tourof the hotel for just $17.50 – and yes, it is worth it!

《冰雪奇缘》作为最成功的动画电影之一,其主题曲《Let It Go》传遍了世界的大街小巷,早已成为大人和孩子心目中的神曲。世界各地的影迷都会爱上冰雪酒店里的冰雪奇缘套房。冰雪酒店精妙绝伦,对任何人而言都是理想的度假胜地!人们可以在魁北克这家令人称奇的酒店体验艾丽萨的神奇世界。你甚至可以额外花费17.5美金游览整个酒店——没错,它值得你这样做!



Have you always wanted to feel as effortlessly cool as 007? You can in James Bond-inspiredsuite at Hotel Seven in Paris, France. Its as sophisticated as our favourite secret agent, andoffers all the class and style that 007 has been synonymous for in the movies.




If you love Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit but dont want to travel across the world to NewZealand, consider a trip to The Hobbit House in Montana, USA. This amazing replica of theTolkien world is bound to be a hit with fans of the movies and books, and they even feature thetrademark round green doors.




Ever since the release of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone on 30th June, 1997, thewhole world has dreamt of attending Hogwarts. While you may not be able to go the magicalschool, Georgian House Hotel has brought Hogwarts to you.


Located in Central London, its the ideal destination for those heading off on a Harry Potter-inspired adventure, as the hotel is located to many of the iconic landmarks from the movie,including the 9 ¾ platform at Kings Cross Station. You will feel just like Harry himself as youbunk down in the Wizard Chambers, which offers four poster beds and even potion bottles andcauldrons!

乔治亚宅邸酒店位于伦敦的城市中心,对于所有向往哈利波特式奇幻冒险的人来说,这里是绝佳的目的地。该酒店融入了大量电影中的地标式建筑,其中包括国王十字车站的9 ¾ 站台。如果在巫师房中休息,你会觉得自己正处在哈利波特的魔法世界,这类房间配备有四柱木床、魔法药水瓶、以及炼药的大汽锅!



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