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North Korea朝鲜

The DPRK is one of the toughest places to get a visa. South Korean tourists are not permitted in the north. Potential tourists from Israel, America and Japan may face difficulties. Even those that can get in, whatever their nationality, face being escorted by North Korean ‘guides’ throughout their stay. UK citizens can apply via the embassy in London, although if youre a journalist, prepare to be disappointed.




A tourist visa is inflexible and allows you to stay for 30 days. You need an invitation before you can enter and if you lose your visa (or overstay it) then leaving the country can be trickier than getting in.



Democratic Republic of Congo刚果

Although the country is not as dangerous as it once was, the visa application process is hindered by red tape. You also often face the prospect of paying ‘unofficial fees’.




Long processing time is the biggest problem in this beautiful West African country; but there are also consular fees, the requirement for an invitations and at least $100 a day financial support along with proof of immunisation.




All visas need to be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran, which can be a lengthy process, during which time you’ll get little feedback about what’s holding up the application. British and American passport holders face being fingerprinted on arrival.




Visa application is currently closed in Britain due to the international circumstances, but in any case the application process is time consuming and you’ll often need a letter of recommendation from your own embassy, which is often expensive and increases the length of approval time.



Saudi Arabia沙特阿拉伯

Tourist visas are notoriously difficult to get hold of in this country. Unmarried couples are unable to travel together alone; they must be part of a group and named as ‘individuals’. Women under 30 must be accompanied by their husband or brother.



Sao Tome and Principe圣多美和普林西比

The island nation off the coast of Africa has a limited number of embassies to interact with, so you’re better off going through travel agencies. You also need proof of a Yellow Fever vaccine.



United States美国

For your average tourist, this is generally a straightforward process, but if youve got a criminal record then think again. If you’ve ever dabbled in illegal drugs and been caught, consider the US to be off limits.




If you have an Israeli visa stamp in your passport then you’ll be denied entry, regardless as to whether it’s valid or expired. You must also have a letter of introduction as well as at least six months left on your passport.




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